How I Coach You

I believe executive coaching is for high performers who want to fine-tune the way they work and “see over the hill”.

I can help you move ahead in your work and clarify dilemmas, such as:

  • Decisions
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Manage Up or Down – Individuals and Groups
  • Future Planning
  • Changing Jobs – Promotions

I am an accredited executive coach working at Managing Director level for Tier 1 Banks and other sectors.

When I coach you, I give you the time and space to imagine the ideal future and the steps to take you there. It may help you see something you didn’t see before, and simplify the way you think.

Every (work) dilemma is made of pain and dreaming. I will help you talk through both until you know what to do, what works for you – what is right for you.  You may find strengths you forgot you have.

My clients say that after I coach them, they get things done, that they wouldn’t have otherwise. They see what gets in their way. They find words for things unsaid before.

My coaching style is to listen deeply and without judgement, to allow you to be who you are, and to trust you to find your own way.

I draw my inspiration from techniques from mindful meditation, creative arts, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, NLP, Assertiveness training and Gestalt.  I am accredited with the Academy of Executive Coaching in London at Practitioner Diploma level.  I use coaching models like GROW, Solution – Focus, OSKAR, Co-Active.

My business experience of fifteen years in the financial and software sectors gives me an understanding of the corporate or entrepreneurial world that some of my clients work in. I coach people who work in a wide variety of sectors: banking, arts management, software, healthcare, languages, publishing, international affairs, accounting, music, sports, education, travel, creative arts, marketing.

I coach internationally, with clients in London, New York, Switzerland and Europe. I meet clients face to face, or I also coach over the phone or Skype.

Accredited with the Academy of Executive Coaching

Accredited with the Academy of Executive Coaching